January 7

today, I went on a fun trip! We visited the forest in Maymont . From the mineshafts, we heard a strange crackling noise.
Perhaps one of the workers left their radio ? I caught a beetle!
I almost met a new friend, while investigating the entrance of the mineshaft with Chase. he did not stay long with me to meet our near friend. it's alright.
I printed him out from my computer because I had to adjust the brightness in the camera photo. He was so dark! it was as if he absorbed the light. He did not smell like anything at all. I have drawn upon this print-out little ears. Now, it has been scanned for you to see. Aren't they cute?
overall, my day was good! when I went home, I ate lentil soup with little mia and the dog. I wish I could have caught chase before he went home though.
I found a very smooth and shiny stone that I would very much like to give to him.