February 3

It was very cold out but I loaded up my pack to take the truck this time to the beach for lunch. I adjusted my bottle's seal so it would not leak like last time. As I pulled up to the curb, a horrible moan was reverberating in the sewers. I assumed it was the usual suspects and ignored it. I popped the back of the truck open so I could lay in the bed and enjoy my food. I watched some duster crabs scuttle around in the tidepools that form in the holes in the parking lot whilst eating a shiny red apple. When I decided to take my romp in the tidepools, I found the razor shells to be pervasive and had to return to the truck to fetch my thick-soled rubber boots. I came back to the pool and watched the crabs gather materia for their disguises. A sludge anemone moaned and expelled a thick ooze, burbling and wailing in pain. It spat refuse and shone a sickly green in the midday sunshine.