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Today's post I will be posting a convo wiht my most tanoshii tomodachi about a not -often talked about show, Ribbon Girl. The ubiquitous Ribbon Girl is a magical girl who fights evil monsters from the Earth's core with her magical ribbons while also juggling school, work, and even love..! Full of cute girls and part-time jobs, as well as awesome fights, Ribbon Girl is likely to appeal to Magical-Girl lovers of all sorts.

This is my favorite character, Ribbon Girl. Don't you think shes cute? I used to love the show. my parents hated how violent it was tho, there was no blood but they sure did beat the hell out of each other lol.

I asked Sakura for pictures, since I remembered the show, but didn't have the disc.

god i miss this show. why isnt it online anywhere. theyre really rough with copyright. Here:

Wow! I don't remember the other girl. I'm surprised they are strict with copyright. no one cared about this show when it was even coming out

idk. money i guess. wahtever lol. im glad at least someone remembers it

LOL my sister used to watch this show! she wanted to dress up like the girl's cat, but my parents wouldn't let her. the cats bikini was fucking hilarious though.

lmao yeah. i miss it when cartoons were fcking crazy

weve come a long way thouhg. this show was ugly as hell.

I've searched for a million years for pictures of this show. I'm really trying to find screencaps. Contact me if you have any to submit and I'll do another edition of Ribbon Girl! I'll post what I've managed to find.

Sayonara! Good-bye! -Edric November 9