February 18

Jesus. Today the thing went and broke through the glass door like it was nothing and decided to go and slop its shit all over the fucking place. god. When I heard the door shatter I went and jumped halfway out of my skin. Its still out there. I can hear it going through the trash can right now. I got a heavy flashlight but everything else that I could use to get the thing out is in the kitchen. I didn't think they;d ever get so damn ballsy.
Anyway, Today I went shopping but the store was near cleared out. I did not hear anything about the forecast but something's probably coming up that would cause this. JMy tv has been out of commission for a couple day s now. All that was left was some shitty bags of chips. =I'm going to have to hit the gym today because of chips. I hope the thing dosn't get into the cupboards because I will be right pissed if it eats the food in there. I don't want to eat shitty wormchips for dinner again.
If it gets inside me i am going to be So fucking pissed off that I will just go and cut all my fingers off and force him out with the pain. I heard from a buddy that when it gets inside its near imppossible to force out. When he was in Laos2, he saw someone nearly burst a vessel from the force it exerted from the inside.
Don't anybody come and message me about this freaky shit. Hopefully By the time that this is settled you will hear back from me.